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Across the Void We Go A Warping | from the Journal of Amina Anesidora Nyree

A note: this is the in-character journal of my Star Wars RPG character, anything that happens in these entries is entirely fiction, set loosely within the Star Wars Expanded Universe (not the current Disney timeline), and created in the minds of myself, the other players, and the game master.

We left Catesse for a bit. It should help the people of Catesse to go and set up some agreements with the other planets. But there is also the larger picture of everyone and every planet that is stuck in this time bubble with us. We must all come together and I’m not sure that there is a better group to do this work, but we are also probably not the best. Hopefully we can make a positive impact...without too much violence.

Hyperspace is so slow now, it shouldn’t have taken us two weeks to get to Habitade. I ended up rooming with Mina, a Zeltron and one of our mechanic players, this may have been a mistake but it didn’t go horribly. Mina actually made me breakfast one morning and made sure I was doing OK. It was pretty sweet of her. I did have to put up with a few instances of a sock on the least I could crash with Ru, our other mechanic player and one half of our twin Nautolan siblings. And hopefully whatever was happening behind those closed doors helps improve Mina’s rather un-Zeltron funk that she’s been in recently.

You know, I hadn’t realized just how useful being able to converse with rocks could be. I’ve been made fun of for this and most people tend not to understand or believe me. In recent months I’ve learned that it’s more than rocks that I can sense, but it really is only rocks that I have conversations with.

Anyways, Gillian, one of our resident Force user players, searched me out to ask me about my special power. It was weirdly nice. Someone actually took it seriously enough to ask after and even request help by it. I also got this feeling from my connection to the Mother that I will play a pivotal role in helping the Force sensitive among our group to find their lightsaber crystals. I don’t know that I’ve felt this kind of useful before.

Our destination is night and day different from Catesse. It’s beautiful and there is no ash! They hadn’t received any of our messages and thought the Catesse colony was dead...our very presence dispelled that worry. It’s a very different world, there are Killik workers that harvest some sort of crop off of the non-sentient insects living on the planet.

Thinking of my conversation with Gillian and the nudge from the Mother about finding lightsaber crystals I ask around about caves on the planet and discover that we could find some on the way to check out their insect herd disturbances or after, our choice. After helping fix up their processing machinery we settle in for the night.

Sometime in the middle of the night there is a quake that as I reach out with my Force senses shows me that this is something different from what has plagued Catesse but no less potential darkness. It suddenly feels way more important to check out those caves as I have this sense that something “pierced” through the entire planet sometime in the distant past. And that worries me. There is so much to be discovered in the outer reaches and this is Wild Space, anything can happen...

Look here for the last entry, The Mother Lives, in the world of Amina Anesidora Nyree.

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