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The Mother Lives | from the Journal of Amina Anesidora Nyree

A note: this is the in-character journal of my Star Wars RPG character, anything that happens in these entries is entirely fiction, set loosely within the Star Wars Expanded Universe (not the current Disney timeline), and created in the minds of myself, the other players, and the game master.

Well, we found my god...she's really real, and actually corporeal. This was unexpected...but I think I was beginning to wonder with the dream and the telepathic contact. We found pyramids (temples??) on both poles and a similar counterpart on the first moon we investigated, Tumult. (One is suspected to be on the other moon as well). The Mother is lying there, in the temple, no, tomb, on Tumult...

All this and I'm still reeling from killing a friend. To be clear, he was taken over by an evil force entity, he couldn't be saved but that doesn't change the fact that I feel sick inside. I consider myself a pacifist, violence isn't the option...ever. Yet, as I called out to Osohr, calling him to come back to himself, to take control of his mind and body one last time, I knew, KNEW, that he needed to go to his final rest, that was the only way to save us, to save the colony.

I still cannot believe the series of events that led to this...the evil entity that had Osohr in it's grip opens the floor and traps V3, our charismatic droid player. We rescue him but in doing so cause giant dark side force lizards to be sent after us. The only option I could see was to leap through one of the floor portals and try to reach out to Osohr (who V3 confirmed is on the other side but is not himself). Seeing the state of Osohr is when I know there is no escape for him. I help him go to his final rest as himself, fighting the evil force entity inside. I sob as I sink to the floor next to his headless body.

Once Osohr is gone, the evil entity has been vanquished, at least I’m pretty sure having recollected a similar historical occurrence of killing an evil force entity. The next thing I know Astria, our pilot and newly revealed force sensitive player, is holding my sobbing form, comforting me, asking me to help her create a portal for us to get back through. Once through, the Mother, my god in the flesh, is standing, looking towards me from amidst our group. Today, I learned that I will never see my family again. Five years will pass for me while 100 will pass outside the hyperspace bubble that was released by the falling ancient ship that also seemed to release the ash creatures. I don’t know how I’m holding myself together, I know that I don’t have to be strong for the others but I know they need me. Today was NOT a good day.

The silver lining is that the Mother is real, she will help us how she can; Desh is far more capable and has more potential than he knows, I’ve asked him, a seeming street urchin turned friend and store hand, to run my shop as we need to make some long term plans for our little slice of Wild Space. We cannot leave, we cannot communicate with the outside so we must all come together and make it though these 5 (100) years together the best way we can.

Look here for an Introduction to the world of Amina Anesidora Nyree.

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