Hi! I’m Rachel,

As a creative. I’m creating a lot of different kinds of art in many styles as I’m finding my way back to myself. I tend to like digital, acrylics, and soft pastels. I also happen to be the graphic designer and typesetter for my favorite author (my husband). And, I even sometimes do graphic design work for others. I have a lot of print based design experience so I can help both create and produce projects.

As a blogger. I’ve been on an amazing journey of mental health, self discovery and most recently the rediscovery of my creativity. I want to share my thoughts on the ups and downs of creativity, mental health, and life in the hopes that it can help others.

As a person. I am nerdy, I love reading, I’m a gamer (video/role playing/tabletop), & I am a geek of many fandoms (Star Wars EU, Doctor Who & Critical Role to name a few). Hands down, my favorite role playing session has been dubbed “Mom Rage” by friends. It’s what happens when things get very real and extremely tense during a Force & Destiny campaign session because everyone (especially you) is so invested.