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Hi! I’m Rachel,

I'm Biriyak's Keeper, an artist and writer.

As a creative. I’m creating a lot of cute, often strange creatures and plants. Fan art and maps also make their way in from time to time. More than an artist, I happen to be the graphic designer and typesetter for my favorite author (my husband).

As a writer. I’m on an adventure of mental health, self discovery and creativity. Sharing my thoughts on the ups and downs of creativity, mental health, and life in the hopes that it can help others. Encouraging a holistic approach to creativity and embracing organized chaos. Framing creativity with mental health, healing and finding joy in the present moment. I'm also working on a novel.

As a person. I am nerdy, I love reading, I’m a gamer (video/role playing/tabletop), & I am a geek of many fandoms (Star Wars EU, Doctor Who & Critical Role to name a few). Hands down, my favorite role playing session has been dubbed “Mom Rage” by friends. It’s what happens when things get very real and extremely tense during a Force & Destiny campaign session because everyone (especially you) is so invested.

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