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An Introduction | from the Journal of Amina Anesidora Nyree

A note: this is the in-character journal of my Star Wars RPG character, anything that happens in these entries is entirely fiction, set loosely within the Star Wars Expanded Universe (not the current Disney timeline), and created in the minds of myself, the other players, and the game master. More entries from the Journal of Amina Anesidora Nyree will be forthcoming. Though I should note that this process of writing as my character was not something that I started at the beginning of our campaign so this is the short introduction to where we were in the story when I started truly writing as my character. Entries will continue from here chronologically. I hope you enjoy!

I come from a long line of matriarchs. My mother, though she is the uncontested head of the household, confides in father to help with running the unruly household of five sisters and two brothers. I am the eldest. Following the ancient traditions of the Nyree family heritage, I am a teacher of the great and mystic ways of The Mother. The Mother’s Ways are ancient teachings that promote the importance of nature and spiritual wellness. But, to the slight embarrassment of my family’s honor, I also make and sell (or gift) simple-to-elaborate jewelry that will help find, protect, and heal your spiritual path.

I spent a number of years traveling the galaxy after my apprenticeship to a local jeweler on Mikkia. I wanted, and was called, to help heal the galaxy one companion stone at a time. I eventually heard about the Imperial Missions that Emperor Jagged Fel was setting up and applied. That’s how I ended up here in Wild Space on Catesse in the colony of Varance.

I have a shop called Crystal Sanctuary, it’s half a jewelry store and half a meditation space. I offered bi-daily guided meditation with words of encouragement regarding The Ways of the Mother. I’ve also kinda become a therapist of sorts. But since we had to move the colony to the South pole due to the ashfall and the monsters(?) within, I haven't had much chance to re-setup and run the shop. I'm grateful to Desh for keeping an eye on things while I and the rest of our group investigate the strange things on and surrounding Catesse and her two moons, Euphony and Tumult...


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