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Falling into a Season of Rest

Hey friends, I hope you are taking at least some time to slow down, to let your body lead the way to some rest.

For me that is where I’m at with the change of the season, the darker evenings. Where it feels that it should be far later than it is and my body is tired before I am ready or able to sleep. I am trusting my body that we must rest.

The first time there was two mornings in a row where it was overcast and dreary I found myself SAD. I’ve said before that this is the season that I start to contend with it, as many do, but it is still such a new thing for me. I’m learning that I need to give space and vocalize what I’m feeling…even if it doesn’t really make sense or have words for it. In the latter case I can simply say I feel big or little inexplicable things. And somehow that helps.

There are also my attempts to live a bit more seasonally. And since fall is the season of a lot of nature moving into rest before the winter, I am doing that too, in my way.

I can’t give fully into the rest, I must work and contend with productivity and capitalism that stresses that I should always be on and always be working at the same efficiency and productivity day to day, month to month, season to season. But I am taking rest where I can. Giving myself permission to exist at a slower pace.

And that feels so very slow compared to the speeds at which I used to live. The ways in which I used to live that no longer serve my joy. It is hard not to judge myself for not going faster and doing more. Though it is getting easier, especially acknowledging that fall is a season to sink into rest.

So, I hope you are resting, friends.

Take time to rest and care for yourself, we are not meant to be at top speeds all year long.

with love and rest,


PS. Stickers are coming, they are still in production. I had really hoped that they would be here already but it was not meant to be, yet. Hopefully sooner than later! I hear that Rockin Monkey is a bit on the longer timeline side for a sticker production company so I’m not surprised, they do good work and they may have a lot of projects for the Halloween and fall season.

PPS. I may be existing slowly and resting but I’m still creating and I’ve completed more Inktober prompts than I did in 2021 when I last participated. Somehow I am in a better space for this, even as I slow down and rest more in this spooky season. These are my pieces for every day so far:

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