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Stop Moving the Goalpost and Celebrate the Wins

Do you do this to yourself? Make a goal but once you get there it is immediately time to move the goalpost onward? Do you celebrate your wins or do you minimize them because the goal has now shifted further down the line? And to celebrate would be wrong, somehow?

I just about did this to myself recently. Likely would have if the hubs hadn’t spoken up and pointed out what I was beginning to do to myself. He also noted, that, yeah, he heard it. Because he struggles with it too. And sometimes it takes pointing it out to a loved one to realize, or better see how much you might do it to yourself, too…

So, as many of you know, I’ve been selling stickers. It is actually going really well so far. Which is hard to say without qualifying it with further follow up statements like it has only been people I know buying them so far. Or, I’m not even sure if I’m doing the whole Etsy thing well. On and on. And there I go, qualifying, whoops.

It is going really well, and I’ve sold enough to make some new designs! (there, I did it, said it without qualifying!)

And I’d promised myself once I’d made back what I’d spent on the initial batch of stickers that I’d order some new designs. Well, late this last week I was talking about more sticker ideas but mentioned that I’d want to wait until I’d gotten more sales and maybe someone I didn’t know bought some.

The hubs looks at me and is like, don’t move the goalpost! Have you made enough to purchase more stickers? The answer was yes, but it still didn’t feel safe to follow through, yet. Except that hubs made a good point, I was moving my goalpost rather than making a new one.

Thinking about it longer I realized that I still hadn’t really, truly celebrated the fact that I’d even sold stickers. Setting out I’d hoped to sell some, sure. The reality is that I’ve really sold some! And that deserves celebration!

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks on my Instagram Stories (and maybe other places, still working on some details) for another sticker poll. I’ve got some new pieces and some old ones that are still in the running. I’m excited to be considering adding another 4-6 sticker designs to my shop after I do some popularity polls.

Anyways, thank you to all who have supported me both financially, buying stickers, and in moral support, by liking and sharing the info as much as letting me talk excitedly about my sticker endeavor. And talk about all the options I hope to make stickers and what do you think about this or that. Basically letting me share my art in a way that makes me feel real and like I belong.

I hope you take time to celebrate when you reach your goalposts rather than moving them. And I know it takes time and effort to see if that is what you might be doing to yourself. You are wonderful and you deserve to celebrate your wins. Don’t sell yourself short by moving the goal further down the line.

With all the love, I see you, I celebrate you,


P.S. I made a new plant monster. It has felt like forever since I last made one and I’m quite happy with this one. They are based on what I’m thinking is a Black Knight Echeveria that I have out in front of the house. It is one of the succulents that my mom gifted me for Mother’s day. I was taking some pictures of the shoots it was putting out and thought to myself, yes, if that isn’t plant monster material I don’t know what is. Succulents are a favorite for me, there is something about the fractal patterns of the leaves (?) or petals (?) and they come in so many wonderful colors, my favorite, of course, is purple. So, without further ado I give you the Night Watchers:


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