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Newer Beginnings: A Rebranding | Biriyak's Keeper

Well, I am probably supposed to be planning for my next role playing game session, because I am the game master…but brain has had other ideas. The rebranding I’ve been working on, and it’s happened better and faster than I thought, has been in my head for a while. One day I was hit with how much Beautifully Functional Design was not fitting me or what I’m trying to do with myself and my brand anymore. Sure, the ideas behind it still stand, yet it now feels too generic and impersonal.

When I started on social media, which I consider to be after Myspace and a dabble on Blogger, I only had Facebook, and not until after I started college. Back when it was more actually social and much less clickbait-y and polarized. It wasn't until I finally hopped onto Instagram, a few years after college, that I needed a handle. I had no idea what, and I was not good at coming up with things for describing myself, it was just too stressful. Anyhow, I think I started as book dragon probably with 007 at the end since I've had a long history of liking the numbers and only a passing interest in the spy stories related to them.

It wasn't until Allie that I really started to understand myself. Thus, when I inevitably became un-enamored with my book dragon handle, I went looking for something with more depth and meaning. I think I did ask my husband for help on what I should use, I wanted it to really speak to me and have meaning. Not something that felt as one dimensional as book dragon.

I know I’ve talked about Allie before, she’s my favorite RPG character I’ve played, to date, and my first character I fully connected with and understood what it meant and how much it could change a person to play a character in a game.

I'm not entirely sure how it went down but I'm nearly certain it wasn't me that originally mentioned the dagger as an option but it was me that decided it was the winner. I, as myself and as Allie, was the keeper of Biriyak. I wanted something unique and this was quite unique.

From there it blossomed into meaning so much more. Biriyak may have started as a dagger, a weapon, but it has been transformed into my pen. The instrument that focuses my thoughts. I do sometimes wonder if I would have had the courage to start this blog, to open myself up to the joyous terror of my love of writing without Biriyak.

And that is why Biriyak, and why I am Biriyak's Keeper. I may have always been an artist but something that had gone dormant for so, so many years was my love of writing. So many school essays and comments about preparing for the "real" world can do that.

Being Biriyak's Keeper allowed me to find that part of myself again and felt so much more appropriate for my blog branding.

So, hello internet, I am Biriyak’s Keeper.


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