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Lessons in Being

Cooking with the husband and listening to the Galavant soundtrack makes for the best kind of afternoon. There is something magical about an afternoon spent simply being. Being in the moment, in the action, with the person you love most. The more I leave my devices and worries behind and get busy truly living the more I learn about being.

Today the husband and I did our usual Sunday things like grocery shopping and chatting with the far away family. But we also ended up having a lovely afternoon making and then eating a delicious new recipe. I’ve been interested in going on food adventures for a while but I hadn’t gotten to it more consistently until recently. The reasons are many, like time and, at other times, money, but the reason that I write this blog to talk about is not honoring myself enough to do fun, nice things for myself. Not trusting myself, not allowing myself joy. You get the idea.

I don’t know that as a solo activity I’d like cooking, maybe I should explore this option, but I have come to realize that I like cooking with my husband. I also get bored of the same meals week in and week out. With the pandemic on it’s not an exciting prospect to head out to a restaurant and eat in a room with other people not wearing masks. And take out is great, though not the cheapest option. Also there is no cooking together involved with take out or going out to eat. I find joy in the doing of things, together with the people I love.

So today I made sure to put ingredients on the grocery list for a recipe that caught my eye and we made that for a late lunch this afternoon. The interesting thing is that sometimes I can be rather forgetful about things I want and/or need. I have a tendency to continue to forget if I feel it’s not something that “should” be important. It’s ridiculous but I have to slog through all that sometimes to simply add ingredients to our shopping list. I’m proud and happy I managed today. Treat yo self!

As we began our food adventure we both had the theme song of a show we’ve started watching and needed something to get it’s a real earworm, and super cheesy. This is where the Galavant soundtrack came in. We’ve watched the show at least twice (though, since we’ve introduced many a friend to it, we’ve seen the first episode countless times…) and it’s full of cheese and great, clever musical numbers. So we sang along and made our meal. Our afternoon was full of laughter and, even, a bit of dancing about the kitchen.

I have a real social media problem, generally. I didn’t once feel the need to get on Facebook or Instagram even to post pictures of our creation. Sorry folks, you’ll just have to imagine what sort of Eggplant “Bolognese” Pasta dish we created. I have no pictures. What I do have is something much better and so much more special: an afternoon with the man I love making a new dish that we’d never tried before. An afternoon of joy, laughter, singing and kisses as we sang our way through the Galavant soundtrack. Memories are the best part of being.

Everything that “should” be done and everything that’s expected of you can really hold you back. This isn’t to say that we are completely allowed to shirk our duties, everything in moderation. You must see yourself as important enough to take care of so that you can continue to give to others. Living and being is about balance in all parts of life. It's never quite as easy as it looks.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” —Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

Lessons on being are often given differently to each individual, maybe my experiences somewhat match yours, maybe not. There are many seasons, sometimes of waiting, and for those that are anxious to keep moving at all times, I get it, it’s not fun but trust me, they happen for very good reasons. At least mine has... We all need rest every now and then.

Lastly, a further reminder: breathe and try to relax...also look for life’s lessons along the way, you may be surprised what you’d find.

with <3

—A Recovering Design Imposter


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