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Slow Down, Undo, Relax, Create

It’s been a busy summer, we bought a house, moved, and saw a bunch of friends and family. Thankfully, I’ve learned from my mistakes and have kept my socializing at a healthy level. Also, I’ve been working my creativity in fun new ways!

A while back I found myself on the other side of this creative shift, and it was wonderful...still is! Now I’ve found that I’m further able to talk myself through slowing down, un/redoing and just chilling the f*ck out while I’m creating. I’ve always understood, conceptually at least, that mistakes in art are not truly mistakes but opportunities, or, as I think Bob Ross would say, ‘happy accidents’. It’s just never felt so real or zen before.

Taking this to heart I’ve been really working on slowing down. It does NOT need to happen right this minute, it can sit for days and that’s totally OK. Taking my time is actually the framework for a better end product...also, sometimes things are going to look like sh*t for the early parts of the process but that’s all part of the creative journey. Nothing, absolutely nothing is perfect, ever. And especially not in the exploratory phase.

I learned this very well with my latest project, I had some trouble seeing what I was trying to create on paper (or, my iPad screen). As I pushed forward it began to take shape, slowly but surely. Truly I am happy to be working at defeating the time scarcity vortex because this project, again inspired by Critical Role, would have never stepped outside my head. And, if I do say so myself, it is one of my best works yet...and I’m not even done!

Line work drawing of Critical Role character Fearne Calloway & Mister from Exandria Unlimited


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