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March | How It Went

How do you all feel about March, making steps, however small, towards goals?

For me it was better than February, though that is not hard in my mind. And yet I think that potentially March was a lot less visible work. I honestly don’t feel that I have a lot to show for it. And, actually, I’m not feeling overly troubled by that. Sometimes things percolate on the back burner and plans are still moving forward despite the evidence.

I think that was March for me. I did a lot of more internal work, getting myself and my mind a bit more aligned with my goals, plans, and dreams. I’m still working out the whys behind my dreams. I’m simply happy that I’ve gotten here with them.

I feel more myself the more I open up and allow for the mess and the chaos, and allow myself the small gentle structures that actually allow me to do things. I need both to do what I want to do. None of it is wrong, too much, or not enough. There is a natural cycle to life. I’ve been feeling in the depths of myself a certain sense of knowing, peace, and calm in the acceptance of the cyclical nature of my existence.

Novel Writing

For the time being I’ve kind of abandoned the beats in favor of reading Story Genius by Lisa Cron. I’m sure I’ll be back to them at some point, I simply still felt that something was missing. I couldn’t tell you if Story Genius holds ALL of the answers but I do know that it has helped me get in better touch with my protagonist, Eleanora, Elle to her friends, so far.

What I’d felt missing, I think, was the fact that your character doesn’t start the story from a neutral point, belief or worldview. While I think that Save the Cat! Writes a Novel may have touched on this fact; it was much more focused on plotting a story.

For me I think that, yes, there is a lot of importance to sitting down and making a habit of writing. But there is also the fact that I’m beginning to understand that my brain needs things a certain way before I can really get into something. Hence all my reading up on writing. I don’t think that I am a natural storyteller, and that is totally ok, from reading Story Genius it sounds far more realistic.

So not a lot of movement here, at least in writing the actual story, and it is progress nonetheless. And, who knows, maybe I’ll share a bit about my idea for the novel next month.


Again, not a lot to show. I did the cute little comic for our friend's baby shower and I worked on my still in-progress Jedi Queen piece.

I’ve been far more focused on picking up my courage to start an art business online. Still don’t have solid plans but mentally I’m feeling ready(ish) so I’ve got some inspiration from some new friends and I decided to try out a brand building prompt collection called “Less Bland More Brand” by Eva Couto. I’m hoping it will help me solidify my vision for my business and my why. I’m very, very nervous and I’m going to try anyway!


This has been steadier this month. I’ve been more inspired and have been going in a lot of directions so there has been a lot to talk about on all fronts. That isn’t to say I didn’t struggle though, lol.

I am grateful to have this outlet, and that I’ve been able to keep it going this far. It has been my lifeline to keeping on task for my goals, even when that progress has felt or looked soooo slow.

I’m also so grateful to you all who read this part of the internet where I basically write about anything that is on my mind in hopes it will spark some interest. Though I do hope it all fits under the topic of my creative journey, as all parts of my life seem to intersect at/with my creativity.

If I can be of any support, or simply someone to talk to, I’d love to hear from you! We don’t have to talk about my blog, promise!

Reading Books (less so) Buying ALL the Books

I’ve been on a more of a nonfiction kick this month. As soon as my Barnes and Noble order came I started all three books rather simultaneously. Well, as simultaneously as one can.

This is something I’ve noticed as a habit reasserting itself. The fact that depending on my mood or state of mind I will simply need to put down a book somewhere in the reading process and pick up another one that more strikes my fancy. This is how, at this very moment, I am in the middle of five whole books. I don’t quite know when I’d quit doing it…but it’s back, as is my habit of chewing my tongue when I’m concentrating. Lucky me!

A pile of five books, A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD; Unmasking Autism; Story Genius; Unf*ck Your Brain; and Grey Sister
Those five books I'm reading at the moment...

I mean, I don’t mind being in the middle of multiple books, honestly it gives me more options when I’m feeling particular about what I want to read. The hubs just gives me weird looks. He doesn’t get the appeal, or how I keep things straight. I’m not totally sure either and it seems to be working ok, somehow.

The books I finished this month:

I’m Glad My Mom Died (audio) Jennette McCurdy - I’d recommend with a cautionary note that there are a lot of subjects that she talks about that are likely triggering and heavy. The tone is matter of fact and beautifully balanced taking nothing away from the burdens of the past on the present.

Turning Darkness into Light, Marie Brennan - Read the rest of the Lady Trent Memoirs first, this is about her granddaughter and was such a fun read, I am sad that there is no more.

Moody Bitches, Julie Holland - This helped me so much in my understanding of the monthly cycle and how that affects everything in my life. Highly recommend, though your mileage may vary, as with anything, lol.

I got back to some Star Wars (Solo Command, Aaron Allston), some Star Trek (The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two, J. G. Hertzler), and some Temeraire (Black Power War, Naomi Novik) all were good reads though not as riveting as the rest. And the hubs and I continued our way through Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series with Reaper Man (audio) where Death experiences time, and other shenanigans, and it has a very touching theme.

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