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Jesus' Love | My Random Thoughts Poem #6

His love has no bounds, has no limits; he loves us no matter how many times we turn our backs

He is always there for us no matter where we are and what we are doing; we will never be alone

Jesus, God's son, and his love for us is something we cannot comprehend; it is so huge, so limitless, more than we'll ever know

All that we need to know is that he always loves us and will always help us, never leaving us



So, obviously I went to a private Christian school. And going to a Christian school meant that part of my poetry requirement was religious poetry. I think this is one of two in the entire book...

I find that my relationship with God is much less embarrassing to me these days. But back when I wrote this, it was an assignment that I would have preferred to write about anything but religion or God. If you have read my blog post My God or Yours? you may understand some of my roadblocks there.

When I read this poem I see a young woman who, deep down, might actually know more about who Jesus/God really is to her but also someone that later in life got bogged down in the mire of conservative evangelical dogma. The words are a recitation of what we are told God is while we are also taught by example or subtext that he is something else altogether. It’s a confusing thing.

Taken at face value, it’s rather simplistic, but seeing it with the layers of my past in the Christian community it’s hard not to see all the baggage I have attached to these words. Behind it I see all the “but wait, you also must suffer…” addendums to God’s love that I’m working on deconstructing.

This has been a hard one for me to comment on, not only am I exhausted because noisy lumber yard (tell me how you’d sleep if there was a lumber yard next to your house that was consistently noisy and occasionally really LOUD...this week has been in the LOUD category), I’ve always been sensitive to noise, especially something that isn’t consistent enough to fade out. But I am also still neck deep in my deconstruction, some days are better than others. My feelings on all things religious are weird. It’s complicated.

with <3

—A Recovering Design Imposter


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