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Finding Your Why

I’m trying something a little different, pivoting, if you will, this week.

In my journey it has been my intent to help other people, maybe most specifically other creatives, and I’ve been struggling to understand the why and the how of it.

Now, who is a creative? I’d honestly venture that anyone who has the passion, spends their time doing and/or learning any form of creation is a creative. It is not an invite-only club. You get to decide. Gatekeepers be damned.

This has often been my struggle, feeling that I am not good enough, dedicated enough, not enough to be called creative. To be called an artist or a writer.

So, you, dear reader, are creative. Whether that is a writer, an artist, a dancer, whatever it is that you have put time, energy and effort into, you are allowed to claim that title.

With the intent of helping, I’ve been sharing my story, in the way that has made sense to me. And I’ve come to realize that you, the audience, would like to be more front and center. The hero of the story. And it is not that my way of sharing has been wrong, it has simply been very me-centric, I’ve been the hero. And that is not a lie, at least in my own mind, my own world. Let’s face it we are all the heroes of our own stories.

And yet, I want to show others that you can follow your own weird. Normal is severely overrated. The messages that we are taught about who we are, what we do and the importance of following the crowd or the expected route are just that, messages that tell us who and what we are supposed to be. It takes a lot of effort to acknowledge that while it can be easier to follow the crowd it often doesn’t serve us. Especially those of us who feel different and long for more.

This understanding has only been possible with the help of finding my why, of looking into myself and looking for the reasons that I want to make art, to write, to be my weird self.

How do you find your why, you ask?

Well, I don’t know if there truly is a formula, would be nice if there were, right? There are also so many great people already out there talking about and teaching about how to find your why. I’m taking my time working through Less Bland More Brand by Eva Couto at the moment and the first prompt is about a why. There is also Luna Dietrich who has wonderful teachings on business and pleasure, some of which definitely centers on finding your why. And I encourage each of you to find many ways and positive voices with which to support your journey. I am simply one voice in many. I may be someone you resonate with and there may be others. I want you to find what works best for you!

Ask yourself why, that is the simple answer to finding your why.

And not just once, ask why to your answers a few times to see what comes out.

I know I was surprised by what came out of mine: wanting to support fellow creatives in the pursuit of their weird, showing that breaking out and going your own way can be wonderfully healing and life-giving.

A lot I’ve seen out there is about branding and business, and that is part of my goal with finding my why. But it doesn’t have to be yours. Ask yourself why you love to paint, even if it is only for you and you alone. Ask yourself why you love to write poetry even if it’s something you do for fun. Your passions and gifts are not something that you need to or have to share with anyone.

I’m here to say that looking for the whys of the positive things in your life may be like gratitude practices, in a way. They center you on why you love what you love. And, is the lighter side to a sadly necessary pursuit of why you hurt or act in ways that hurt you and/or others. Why you have the trauma you do and why you are triggered when certain things happen.

Though both will hopefully be positive pursuits to bring to bear on life. And maybe the latter will be able to lead you to the first. That has been my journey.

One last thing: the whys you find, they do not need to be perfect…ever. They will grow with you, it is ok to start with something a bit hazy and blurry around the edges.

I’d love to hear how you are finding your why, and what whys you are finding! Let me know in the comments, or message me here.

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