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Vegan Living | Magazine Design

University Art Project

While this is a fictional magazine, I feel this project taught me a lot about editorial layout and design. This was originally a project from university. We were asked to create an entire magazine, including all the layout, copy and artwork. We didn't necessarily need to write the articles ourselves, but our copy should match the artwork. No lorem ipsum. I took a second look at this project when I began my portfolio. I did an entire redesign from front to back of this magazine and, I feel, improved my product and my skills in the process.

​This magazine originally had only the bare minimum of pages and articles. So part of my redesign was to consider what parts a magazine in the real world actually displays and add them to my project. There was a lot of general and topic specific research involving buying other health food and vegan-based media and browsing the magazine shelves at Barnes & Noble. At this time, I was very aware of the vegan lifestyle but not practicing, as it would take many years for me to finally break up with cheese.

​Once the research was complete, I began the redesign. I added a letter from the editor, improved my table of contents and, for a touch of realism, I added some ad space. All ads that I had created throughout my career as a student. Each and every page was reworked, rearranged, and redesigned. Nothing was left untouched. It was a true joy to have such freedom, to come back to a previous project with a new sense of design and self.

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