S. J. Saunders.com

S. J. Saunders, Author
Website Design

When this project was brought to me, I was hesitant but determined. I may not be a web designer, but I know a thing or two about visual design. My previous website building experience was using Adobe Muse, and I was increasingly unhappy with my results. So the first thing I did for this project was research. What online outlet offered both ease of editability and access for someone who knows enough about HTML and CSS to be dangerous, but not enough to build a website from scratch? Wix was my answer.

I know what you’re thinking, Wix is often touted as plug-and-play templates. Which is true, but there is also so much customization that you can also create an entirely unique experience, if you are dangerous enough to try. S. J. Saunders didn’t want a website that looked exactly like every other that used the same template; he wanted something custom to showcase his work as an author.

I crafted an overall look to his website with a cohesive color palette and font choices. I wanted to make sure that fans not only know about his current projects but could also browse all of his completed works and, should they choose, buy any of his books from the various outlets where they are available.