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The Ocean | My Random Thoughts Poem #2

Fierce winds whip the waves as they crash upon the shore, bringing small treasures with them

The ocean has such terrifying beauty, such unique grace; it's a wonder that something so beautiful could destroy

But yet, it destroys, only as it sees fit, only to protect the life within

Like a mother protects her children so the ocean cares for and nurtures its children

The ocean, a home for sea life, a refuge for animals, the ocean


Some Commentary

Welcome back to my high school poetry book, this is the second poem in my book...and we are still ocean-themed!

The ocean is such a magical place...but also very, very dangerous. I learned from an early age to always keep one eye on the waves. They do strange things, and you need to be ready when it happens. At the coast, not the beach (there is a difference!), specifically the Oregon coast where I'm from, the ocean gets quite stormy, dark and brooding come winter. We would have power outages nearly every year about the beginning of the season when a big storm came through. Just hearing the sound of the waves crashing and the wind whipping through the sand and grass is soothing, even when it's a bit stormy.

This poem was meant to touch on the fact that while we, as humans, may see the ocean as dangerous and harsh that there is a different side to it for the creatures that live within. They are adapted to survive and even thrive out there in the depths.

Again, today I'd want to write something very different. And maybe I will, at some point. But I am also thinking that this one may have been more of a rush job for the poetry book assignment than one I was invested in. It doesn't have quite the feels that some of my other ones have. It almost feels a bit disjointed. The beginning talks about the ocean bringing treasures in, but then we head out to sea and talk about the beautiful danger and the things within. It still works, but looking at it closely I'd like to write something a bit more cohesive. Or, at least, with a more connected thought thread.

The artistic side of things is still something I'm proud of. I remember really enjoying the process of creating all the artwork in the book. I was also proud of how off-hand it was to create. I seem to have two art modes. One is slowly agonizing over every detail. While the other is opening up to a concept and letting it flow through me. It may seem, and feels, like I'm just haphazardly throwing it all together, but that's part of the charm. The second mode only happens when I can untether and put my brain on hold, just feeling the art move through me. It's been years since I've truly felt that thrill. I'm working on recapturing that's been taking a lot of self-reflection and mental health work. But it's returning.

Healing takes time, time that we have right now. Trouble is, that we may not be able to use it to heal or create with all the panic and chaos in the world right now. Just remember it's OK to do what you need to do; it's OK to sit awhile and stare. Been there and done that. We are all in this together. Lets not berate others for things no one can control.

with <3

—A Recovering Design Imposter


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