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Project Hail Mary | Andy Weir

I read a lot of genres, but I think, if I’m completely honest, hard sci-fi is my absolute favorite. Project Hail Mary may not be a strictly hard sci-fi story, but it’s close enough for me. I’m definitely not worried about categorizing any book strictly into one genre.

I didn’t even read the synopsis before picking this one up. A friend, during our conversation regarding some world building I was doing, mentioned that this would be a great read for me. Even the sparse details they gave had me convinced. So here we are.

Ryland Grace is an interesting protagonist. You learn right along with him about where he’s ended up because he has almost no better clue than the reader. There he is, in the depths of space, lightyears away from Earth, no idea who he is. At first he’s just excited to be out there, doing science, but soon he realizes that he is humanity’s last hope.

He wasn’t meant to be alone; the mission did not start as a solo mission. And, yet, he’s alone…or is he?

Here is where I’m probably including some spoilers because I cannot and will not let this review go without mention of the beautiful friendship that develops as two beings work together against the clock to save two staggeringly different worlds.

And, due to the speed of the solution, there is an unexpected and desperate decision for Grace: will he return to Earth, and his students, or will he save the best friend he’s ever made? Being with Grace for the entire book, seeing him learn both about the desperate state of Sol and who he was before he forgot himself, you know what choice he will make. There was no other option.

It’s a wonderfully thrilling science fiction read, I highly recommend it!

Project Hail Mary

by Andy Weir



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