Bryer Beautique

Bryer, Esthetician
Branding & Layout Design

Bryer is a local esthetician I met at my life group, a group of creatives who get together and talk about life, religion and creative endeavors. She was in need of some help branding her business, so we struck up a conversation about getting her brand established and her services on a flyer for her clients.

Per Bryer’s request, I finished a flyer first, a stand-in to get her going for the holiday season (she didn’t have anything to fill this gap, so this was important). The next step is developing her branding, solidifying her style, and providing an updated flyer with the opportunity to create anything else she needs, based on her new branding. Rebrands are never easy. There is always a transitional period, and they always take more time than expected. I hope to deliver a beautifully functional design for Bryer Beautique’s ongoing success.