Aaron & Ashley’s

Wedding Invitations

Aaron & Ashely
Invitation Design and Illustration

Aaron & Ashley are an outdoorsy and active couple, they’ve gone on many adventures together. When they needed some wedding invitations, my name was suggested, since, as a graphic designer, I had helped some mutual friends with theirs. They were sure of what they wanted and how they wanted it and I was happy to help.

The request entailed two ash trees with a mountain and a favorite Bible verse on the front with an explanation of the significance on the back. I had recently gotten into creating layered pen and sharpie illustrations using a light table and quickly saw the fit for this project. I created an ash tree with one simple layer and a mountain in two layers, one with more detail in pen and the other with less detail in sharpie. These all came together using an earthy color scheme of green and gray on brown kraft paper.

For this project, I also offered to create production ready files for the invitations and two inserts that the couple would then assemble themselves and send out. I worked at the print shop they wanted to use, so I went beyond just setting up a one-up file with bleed and crop marks; I created the gang-up files, printing and cutting out the invitations and inserts as well.

I love helping others create something beautiful, especially to celebrate such an exciting day like a wedding!